Research/Industry projects

  • Neural-Guided Deductive Search for Real-Time Program Synthesis from Examples
    Research Fellow at Microsoft Research Lab India Pvt. Ltd.
    Guide: Dr. Prateek Jain
    Implemented NGDS - a hybrid technique that combines symbolic logic techniques and statistical models to reduce branch exploration in PROSE by over 50% and gain speed up of over 10x in important benchmarks.
    Patent filed and research paper accepted as a conference paper at the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2018.
    For more details about PROSE, please check this page.
  • Static Module Verifier Automation
    Research Intern at Microsoft Research Lab India Pvt. Ltd.
    Guide: Dr. Rahul Kumar, Dr. Bharat M. Deshpande
    As a part of my undergraduation thesis at MSR, enabled Whole Program analysis as a Service. Successfully ran SMV on the entire Windows drivers code base and found 350+ null-pointer and use-after-free bugs.
    For more details about SMV, please check this page.
  • Automated Content Correction and Validation Engine
    Software Development Engineering Intern, Amazon Development Centre India Pvt. Ltd
    Worked on adding features and improving the automated content correction and validation engine in the Amazon retail pipeline. Also worked on implementing the infrastructure for a feedback system to reduce manual intervention using AWS tools.
  • New-entity extraction from Bing query logs
    Machine Learning Intern, Microsoft India Development Center
    Guide: Narayanan Subramanian
    Implemented a classifier to find new/missing restaurants in the Bing database levaraging user query logs. Achieved accuracy of over 90%.
  • Open-sourcing remote-sensing software ERDAS
    Intern, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun
    Implemented a tool to process satellite images and open-sourced the commonly used remote sensing software ERDAS. As a part of the project, we implemented several machine learning algorithms – SVM, K-means, etc. using which we were trying to build the various features of the software like vegetation mapping and cloud cover. (Team of 6)

Course projects/Initiatives

  • Implemented the malloc/calloc/free function, a proxy server with cache, a linux shell (tsh-tiny shell) and a generic cache simulator from scratch. [Code available on request] (Introduction to Computer Systems (15-513), CMU)
  • Clustering closely-related terrorist attacks leveraging the Global Terrorism database (Data Mining, BITS Pilani)
    Source code
    Mined the data in the Global Terrorism database and analysed it using optimized K-means algorithm using Hadoop and Java.
  • Centralized management portal for family business
    Source code
    Implemented a management portal for my fathers’ business - to centrally handle multiple factories and orders. Developed using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.
  • Co-Founder, Xinger - a fully automated online food ordering portal
    Source code
    Developed the complete portal in a short span of 2 days and negotiated and closed deals with over 20 restaurants. The startup had a client base of over 7000 and generated over $25,000 revenue in the 2 years of operation.
  • Development of BITS Pilani Goa main gate security system
    Source code
  • Designed a VLIW pipelined processor for a given set of instructions (Computer Architecture, BITS Pilani)
    Source code
  • Designed a Write Through, FIFO, Way Prediction cache of 512B with associativity 2 (Computer Architecture, BITS Pilani)
    Source code
  • Designed a microprocessor based flour packing machine on Proteus programmed in assembly language (Microprocessors and Interfacing, BITS Pilani)
  • Developed a stand-alone mess management software in Java using JDBC and MySQL
    Source code

For more details, please refer to my resume or contact me.